Alexandra Paul Teaches Us To Compost

Posted on October 03, 2011

Alexandra Paul, who was on Baywatch and in the documentary Who Killed The Electric Car and millions of other TV shows and films, is here to teach host Ethan Mechare how to compost your old food scraps. Ethan reluctantly accepts Alexandra's offer to help her save the Earth.

This is just the preview of what's to come! Catch the full length interview here.

Watch the full interview where she talks about plastic surgery, getting arrested for trying to save the electric car, and teaches Ethan how to give CPR. It's just as entertaining.


One Comment

  • Johnny says:

    I love it Ethan! And you really are an urban boy. I mean I’m mostly an urban boy, but I try to do what I can to save the Earth.

    P.S. I love how you create links of various words and phrases in the description. I didn’t know what “Earth” was! You know I’m kidding. I’m a smart cookie!