Alison Daddo Teaches Ethan How To Raise Kids

Posted on January 01, 2011

Alison Daddo, Australian model and co-creator and writer of the webseries Polly G., teaches host Ethan Mechare how to raise kids. It’s not easy when they talk back.

Alison’s 3 gorgeous children (Lotus, River and Bodhi) couldn’t have been better sports when a total stranger stepped up to the plate to parent them for an afternoon. Watch Ethan get schooled by 4-year old Bodhi. They spend the day cleaning up the kids’ rooms and making lunch.  It only took them 6 hours but they did eventually accomplish something.

Ali also writes for the website Power Room Graffiti.  Her personal essays are truthful and funny.

Ethan has decided against having his own children and has not been asked to babysit for the Daddos since.

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  • Elie says:

    Hilarious! I love your lunchtime comment, “Take an Omega 3 and get lost!” Condoms really are a great way to go!

  • jenifer says:

    oh bodhi – the little “i don’t want it” privates puncher! so allison’s comment about being a parent goes like this:

    the lows are very very low, the highs are very very high – sounds like it might be a good “job” for me! sounds like she knew since she was 5 that she wanted to be a birthing machine. she seems like she’s a great mother, really was wired for it 🙂