Brian Gallivan of Sassy Gay Friend is Doin' It With Ethan

Posted on March 05, 2011

Brian Gallivan, creator and star of the hugely popular video series Sassy Gay Friend, is here!

Ever wonder if Juliet and Ophelia and Eve would have made different decisions about the fate of their lives if they had a Sassy Gay Friend to give it to them straight? Well, Brian did, and now he’s re-writing history.

But Brian is more than just a hysterical actor and improvisor, he also has his masters in English, so you know what that means:  He knows how to read.  Brian and Ethan head to the park and have a little picnic with Hansen’s Natural sodas (Thank you, Hansen’s) and talk about the beginnings of SGF, Barack Obama, girl scout cookies, and Emily Dicks.

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  • jenifer says:

    those hansen sodas make me burp alot too!! can never read catcher in the rye too many times, i think holden caulfield could really use a sassy gay friend.

  • jenifer says:

    “having relations” and “cohabitating” – are they the same thing? seems my dad and brian are both just saying these people are fucking!