Drew Droege (AKA Chloe Sevingy) is Doin' It With Ethan

Posted on May 23, 2013

Drew Droege takes Doin’ It With Ethan hiking in Griffith Park!

Drew is famous for his hysterical Chloe Sevingy impersonation videos, which are all over that little known site called YouTube.  If you haven’t seen them just type in “Chloe Birthdays” into the search and you’ll be very happy you did.  Oh wait, here I did it for you. Click here.

As we hiked in the hot sun out in the wild,

wild, wilderness we talked Chloe, memorial lilies, and Fagney & Gaycey. We stay hydrated on the trail with some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and some spicy green peas.

Drew’s new podcast series Glitter in the Garbage can be heard here! And check out Fagney & Gaycey here. And the animated series Planet Unicorn.