Jessica and Hunter are Doin' It With Ethan

Posted on April 11, 2011

Jessica and Huner are here!  These socialites are amazeballs (their word, not ours). Today they teach Ethan how to slim down for summer with their version of the master cleanse, which they call the “Margamastercleanse-atini.” Basically Google the word “sizzurp” to see what we were making.

This is a no-holds-barred interview.  We’re talking Barbara Walters style here.  Ethan almost made them cry. Jessica and Hunter open up about their humble beginnings, their sexual history, their fight with blogger Perez Hilton and what they really think about Janice Dickinson, Adam Lambert, and Lindsay Lohan.

These kids are craze-a-halls!

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One Comment

  • doin it with ethan’s hair is bat shit crazy!! corey haim wanna be – HA! best line ever! i l used to love throwing up in the bathroom too 🙂

    gor-gina?? like va-gina? anoreixic-ferocious! umm hmmm, love me some del taco. and trust me – i’ve ‘roboed’ before in high school. go robitussen!

    totally disgustos = swinging from a tree: )