Orion Cross is Doin' It With Ethan

Posted on January 06, 2013

Orion Cross may be famous for taking his clothes off on camera but today he’s teaching host Ethan Mechare how to make furniture.  Unofficial Sidekick Parvesh Cheena (appearing on NBC’s new show Outsourced this fall!) steps in to occasionally reign Ethan in.

Orion Cross has worked in the Adult Entertainment industry for over 5 years and he’s here to teach us that he’s not just a piece of meat.

Ethan and Orion get to work making a side table together, a real homemade table, no Ikea instructions included here. He even cut the wood himself. While they screw and drill (all puns were completely intended in this interview) they talk about Orion’s past films (all have fantastic titles), what his parents think about him being a porn star, and his advice on being good in bed.



  • that dog! your face & that “ok ok doggie” pet you give! parvesh, thank you for keeping mechare “kinda” in line.

  • Marc Wheeler says:

    Ethan, I loved this! You are such a natural (and adorable) on camera. So charming and smooth and light-hearted. Sweet, but not innocent. It’s fantastic. And Orion, whom I have never met, seems so damn likable, too! And the puppy … gotta love the little “ruffers.”

    Keep up the great work!
    I’m a fan,

    P.S. And by fan I mean … well … LOL