Parvesh Cheena is Doin' It With Ethan

Posted on June 28, 2013

Parvesh Cheena is no longer our Unofficial Sidekick – he’s now taking over Doin’ It With Ethan.

Today Parvesh and Ethan attempt to make Palak paneer!  A fine Indian dish that doesn’t look so fine after we attempt to follow the recipe. Usually when people come on my show they teach me something that they’re good at or bring me someplace that they love – when I asked

Parvesh what he was good at he said, and I quote, “Nothing.”  So he convinced me to bring over all my pots and pans and all the ingredients for Palak paneer and teach HIM how to cook. Funny how that worked out for Parv.

We dish (pun intended) about cooking, the fictitious Indian Screen Actor’s Guild (also known as SAAG), and why this was the first Doin’ It Badly With Ethan.

Parvesh plays Gupta on the new NBC show Outsourced on Thursday nights at 9:30/8:30c. Watch it!



  • Nads says:

    That is BRILLIANT! I wish I could see the show 🙁
    I like “Doin It (Badly) with Ethan”!!

  • Darcy says:

    Amazing! I love Parvesh Cheena!
    I love his show (even though I haven’t seen it yet)!
    And I love Doin’ It With Ethan!

  • The Pants says:

    I saw Outsourced. I had no idea that this guy spoke perfect English in real life. Amazing.

  • jenifer says:

    that was the worst looking saag paneer i’ve ever come across – i wouldn’t turn down eating it or anything, just saying.

    loved parvesh cheena on outsourced last week! you tell him he’s not good at “nothing” – he’s got quite a sparkle to him on my living room big screen.