Doin' It With Ethan Does Acupuncture

Posted on August 05, 2011

Portland, Oregon Acupuncture!!! Talk show host Ethan Mechare goes to Portland, Oregon based acupuncturist Elie Cole to cure his sleep walking on this funny  and quick episode of Doin’ It. Generally afraid of sharp objects he spends his entire visit on pins and needles. It’s always fun and games until someone finds out they have heart fire. Ethan quizzes Elie on her herbal skills, gets his tongue read like a palm and experiences the needles first hand. Literally. 1-minute long and you’ll laugh your ass off.

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  • Nads says:

    very funny! and i totally agree: acupuncture does work!

  • Shari says:

    Elie is my Acupuncturist and she is wonderful. I have had much success with acupuncture for a variety of problems including arthritis, circulation, headaches, stress, and back pain. I hate needles so I was definitely apprehensive about it, but this really doesn’t hurt.