Doin' It With Ethan Hangs With Teacups

Posted on May 10, 2010

Host Ethan Mechare attends an art opening with a very controversial and interactive installation. Teacups hang in the balance as Ethan gets to the bottom of why some people wanna smash the teacups and why some people want them to survive.

There are no ladies who lunch at this tea party.  Ethan monitors the destruction and explores his inner (control) freak.

Some existential questions also rear their ugly head at this show.  Questions like What is art? Who is art? and Why is everyone so damn intent on smashing all these delicate teacups?

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One Comment

  • Elie says:

    God, I just wanted to be a destroyer there. It’s so boring when it is all in balance. Does that make me a drama freak?