• ""Liza From The Block" L... "

    Liza Minnelli loves JLo. She thinks she's "just terrific," so she decided to cover her song and …

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  • "In Memoriam: A Tribute ... "

    Doin' It With Ethan pays tribute to the Christmas Trees we lost after the holiday season.  They …

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  • "Ethan Mechare Presenter... "

    Have a look at some of my fave interviews!

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  • "Dave Seger from Ikea He... "

    Dave Seger is the co-creator and director of the hugely popular web series Ikea Heights.  The entire …

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  • "Alexandra Paul is Doin'... "

    Alexandra Paul is Doin' It With Ethan today!  Alexandra is famous from her days playing Lt. Stephanie Holden …

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  • "Virginia Madsen is Doin... "

    Virginia Madsen is here!  And we love her! We headed to her bachelor pad where she taught …

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