Dave Seger from Ikea Heights on Doin' It With Ethan

Posted on July 08, 2014

Dave Seger is the co-creator and director of the hugely popular web series Ikea Heights.  The entire series is a parody on a soap opera and was covertly filmed in the Burbank, California Ikea store without their permission or knowledge (most of the time).

Welcome to Ikea Heights, where just like in every other fictional soap opera town, there are your basic murders, extramarital affairs, and historical flashbacks.  Except here, there are random customers walking around in the background as they pick out their KAJSA TRÄD duvet covers.

Dave takes us on a tour of the “set” and tells us some of his favorite moments while filming the 7 webisode series completely undercover, well almost undercover, until they got caught a couple of times.